Cu-Mo70Cu-Cu Heat Base

Cu-Mo70Cu-Cu Heat Base Picture


Cu/Mo70Cu/Cu (CPC) heat base is a sandwiched composite similar to Cu/Mo/Cu comprising a Mo70-Cu alloy core layer and two copper clad layers. The ratio of the thickness in Cu Mo70Cu and Cu layers is 1:4:1. It has different CTEs in the X and the Y direction. Its thermal conductivity is higher than those of W/Cu, Mo/Cu, Cu/Mo/Cu and it is much cheaper.

Our products are widely used in applications such as optoelectronics packages, microwave packages, C packages etc


Large size sheets available (length up to 400mm, width up to 200mm)

More easily to be stamped into components than CMC

Very strong interface bonding that can resist 850°C heat shock repeatedly

Higher thermal conductivity and lower cost